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6:30AM and already "at work" - insert adjective.
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6:30AM and already "at work"
I am getting really sick of my schedule. I work a day job at Pearson Ed, creating text book companion websites based on frame templates (if you're a developer, you are probably throwing up right now). I am more of a data entry monkey with an arsenal of synatx than a real web developer at this job. I can't complain about the pay too much but it's got to be the most boring, uninspiring job I've had since I as 15 and thought it would be good to work in my dad's law firm over the summer filing library updates. On the flipside, I am working another full time job padded around my normal day job. I have a new company that I am now a partner/owner of....Object Adjective, llc. We already have a ton of clients, a nearly steady (and high) income and a website to boot. Check it out if you're interested:


I miss sleeping, I miss having a social life, and I miss just being able to veg out once in a while. But I am saving more money than I ever have in my life and getting really into investing (which, hopefully, will allow me to take time off here and there eventually, to work on painting series and other artistic endeavors). I really love doing web design and development, but I need sleep. Unfortunately I have to go work on a stupid flash animation right now instead of going back to bed like I should......grrrrr.....

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