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the quest begins - insert adjective.
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the quest begins
okay, it's makeover time...only this time i'm not adding to my armory of makeup and clothes. i'm not getting a facial or a manicure (well, that would be nice, but i digress...) i'm making over my internal organs.

first step: the lungs. i'm going to smoke the last 3 cigs in my pack right now (because i'm cheap and i can't bear to throw them out). then i am puting on *the patch* and never touching another stupid cancer stick. seriously...i am fed up with spending my money on a means to get wrinkle lines around my mouth, cancer in my lungs, and smelly clothes. ew. enough is enough. i did it once before on a whim like this, and it lasted 8 months. this time, it's forever.

second step: start working out again. i'm going to start going to the gym at least 2-3 times a week. i need my 6 pack back. and besides, this will repair any damage the cigs have done to my circulatory system and restore lung capacity.

third step: no more junk food. i've been eating total crap lately, and it shows. my skin looks like crap.

so, if you are reading this, then you're probably my friend. be supportive. if you see me wanting a cig, remind me of the reasons i'm quitting. if you see me ordering fries at a restaurant, tell me to get a salad. and if anyone wants to go running, rollerblading, or do other physical activity, i'm down. working out is more fun with a partner.

i'm already feeling better. i started a giant painting the other day and i'm stoked to work on that. i cleaned/organized my room. and i booked a few art shows around the country. now it's time to take care of my physical self too.

state: determined determined

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vara_design From: vara_design Date: February 9th, 2006 09:11 pm (UTC) (string)
awesome! go for it! i smoked for 10 years and have quit for about....7 months now. i intend to never smoke again, so i know you can do it too :D

working out yay! i'm on a pilates kick. i want to take up belly dance soon. maybe we can take belly dance classes together ^_^
pseudowish From: pseudowish Date: February 10th, 2006 03:48 am (UTC) (string)
that would be awesome! i need a partner so i have more motivation to go...when it's just me alone it's to easy to put it off, but if i have someone else counting on me, it makes it harder to flake. i would be up for either pilates or belly dancing! just let me know when you're free.
nationadam From: nationadam Date: February 13th, 2006 09:17 am (UTC) (string)
Make Rocky join/go to that gym with you. That sounded like a good plan. Thanks for giving me a detailed explanation of ways to be supportive, because I didn't know how to do it for your December 2nd kick. You're a willful person, which is cute and one of the many things that I like about you, but at the same time, unstoppable. (c;
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